For manufacturing companies, reliable, high-performance IT networks are as basic to doing business as phone systems or office supplies. With a combination of manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and other business software, these networks perform unglamorous but indispensable tasks such as supporting inventory and production flows, handling accounting, and facilitating communication among employees.

Spend your time and energy building your business – Impact Solutions will help you streamline your IT and define your SOPs. Keep your employees productive, your data safe and your communications clear with flat rate managed IT services and scalable growth strategies.

Data Center – Secure your information and SOPs safely on your servers at dedicated facilities with redundant power and bandwidth. Business Continuity – Keep your operation running even if disaster strikes. Maintain critical workflow, SOPs and data in the event of fire, flood, storm or snow.

Off-Site Backup – Protect your vital compliance data, sales records and databases in secure facilities with the ability to restore all data in a matter of hours versus days.

Project Consulting – Look to Techcess Group for the expertise necessary to craft a SOPs and automate workflow to fit your company’s business strategies and help you meet your goals.

Cloud Computing – 
Connect your sales force, your manufacturing facility and your suppliers with remote access to critical processes, reports and vital data. Standardize workflow automation across headquarters, sales force and suppliers.

Business Essentials –
Maximize your employee’s productivity by eliminating downtime, streamlining desktop performance and facilitating communications.

24/7 Help Desk support – Round the clock access to workstation expertise in order to keep employees productive and your facility humming.

Jeremy Carnahan

Throughout the last 30 years, I've seen a lot of technology come and go, but the need for high quality customer service always remains. I have two incredible daughters, and one outstanding wife. My passion is in business; creating content, packages and services. I've spent the last 20 years learning about how service-based industries work and focused my efforts on how to improve on them, most recently with my company, Impact Solutions.