Organizations of all sizes rely on their network infrastructure as the primary means of communication and productivity. These networks are under constant attack from a continually evolving array of threats that affect performance, communications and reliability. Securing data from external as well as internal threats is challenging. Impact uses top of the line Universal Threat Management devices designed to meet the objectives of protecting your network from internet threats, providing secure remote access and controlling access to the Internet.

Benefits Include:

  • Control network activities that reduce productivity, such as spam and inappropriate web surfing.
  • Enable anytime anywhere access for remote employees.
  • Protect your computers and data from outside threats such as viruses, spyware, bot-nets and phishing.
  • Powerful management and control features that deliver support and advanced management capabilities.
  • Full Reporting, Automatic Updates, Active Directory Integration, Policy Management and more.
  • Universal Threat Management devices eliminate large latencies associated with moving data through apps.
  • These devices are scalable products for your business and can grow as you do.
  • Additional features are constantly being developed and updated.

Network Security Secure Lock

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